About Us

Join us on our mission to level the playing field for retail traders and investors.

Our mission is to democratize advanced stock market news into simple and accurate reports generated in real-time.

Our algorithms scan millions of data points each day to discover important insights into the stock market. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality data and information.

There are huge volumes of alternative data that retail traders and investors do not have access to, it’s unfair and we are committed to changing this.

In our pipeline, we have these categories lined up for the near future:

  • Lawsuit analysis
  • Senate trading reports
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Economic outlook & analysis
  • Retail sales analysis
  • Job postings analysis
  • News & twitter sentiment
  • Value analysis

Your feedback is very valuable to us. If there are any data sources you would find insightful, email us at support@wallstreetgrind.com and we’ll be in touch.

Our service is free and we do not display any ads. As we evolve and increase our offering as a company, it’s important that we are transparent about having to charge a small fee (less than $5 per month) for premium content to maintain the service. However, there will always be a free option.