Brookfield Property Partners – BPYPP

Brookfield Property Partners, through Brookfield Property Partners L P.

infoBrookfield Property Partners is a mid cap stock with a total market cap of 9.67B.

infoThey trade on the NASDAQ and had their IPO 4 years and 3 months ago.

infoBrookfield Property Partners currently employs 29600 people.

infoAs of Friday, Jun 23 2023, Brookfield Property Partners’s share price is $14.63.

News Relating to Brookfield Property Partners
Seeking Alpha
Brookfield Property Preferreds: FFO Goes Negative

Monday May 08 2023 at 06:00

We recently highlighted the potential issues for Brookfield Property preferred shares. They have come home to roost, and the shares are down 30%.

Seeking Alpha
Brookfield Property Preferreds: Time To Say Goodbye

Wednesday Mar 08 2023 at 15:08

Brookfield Property Partners was taken private by the mothership. The preferreds have been left hanging.

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Preferreds Weekly Review: Year-End Tax Losers Rally Hard

Sunday Jan 15 2023 at 08:17

We take a look at the action in preferreds and baby bonds through the first week of January and highlight some of the key themes we are watching. Preferreds had a terrific start to the year, supported by lower Treasury yields and higher stocks.

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Why Warren Buffett Buys REITs Instead Of Rental Properties

Saturday Jul 03 2021 at 09:00

Warren Buffett has a history of favoring REITs over rental properties. In past shareholder meetings, he explains that he dislikes private real estate investments for a number of reasons.

Seeking Alpha
Mall REITs: Only The Strong Shall Survive

Thursday May 20 2021 at 14:02

Despite reporting record-low occupancy rates and rental rate spreads, mall REITs have been the best-performing property sector this year, riding the vaccine-driven reopening rotation to gains of more than 40%.

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Dividend Champions For March 2021

Monday Mar 01 2021 at 14:08

Monthly update of the Dividend Champions List.

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Many Malls Are A Pandemic Away From Extinction

Sunday Feb 07 2021 at 07:00

Many Malls Are A Pandemic Away From Extinction

Seeking Alpha
Brookfield Property: Get Extra Income While You Wait

Thursday Jan 28 2021 at 12:07

Brookfield Property Partners L.P. got an offer from its parent company. We run some calculations on NAV to show that this is very generous. We suggest some ways to harvest extra income while you wait.

Seeking Alpha
‘BAM-tastic’ Brookfield Buy

Thursday Jan 14 2021 at 07:00

‘BAM-tastic’ Brookfield Buy

Seeking Alpha
Brookfield’s New Year Surprise

Friday Jan 08 2021 at 07:00

Brookfield Asset Management recently made an offer to take its real estate partnership, Brookfield Property Partners L.P., private. This has ramifications far beyond investors in the partnership and U.S. REIT equivalent. Combined with the recently-renegotiated Taubman deal, we have concrete data on a distressed sector.

Brookfield Property Partners Bankruptcy Risk

Derived from SEC.GOV filing dataopen_in_new

The Altman Z-score is a formula that measures a company’s financial health and bankruptcy risk. It assigns a numerical score based on various financial ratios. The Z-score is divided into different zones. If the Z-score is above 2.99, it indicates a lower bankruptcy risk, classifying the company as ‘safe’ or ‘non-distressed’. If the score falls below 1.81, it suggests a higher risk, indicating potential financial distress or bankruptcy. The range between 1.81 and 2.99 is called the ‘gray zone’ or zone of ambiguity.

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Brookfield Property Partners’s Altman Z-score is -0.04 which is in the distress zone. This indicates a higher risk of financial distress and potential bankruptcy for the company. It can serve as a warning sign of significant financial challenges, requiring careful consideration by potential investors.

Brookfield Property Partners Insider Trading

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Insider trading is when individuals employed by a company buy or sell its securities following legal procedures and regulations. Company executives, directors, and employees may be permitted to buy or sell shares if they follow specific rules, such as filing a Form 4 with the SEC within two business days.

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Over the last 3 months, there has been no insider trading in Brookfield Property Partners.

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