Cohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund – RQI

Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund, Inc is a closed-ended equity mutual fund launched by Cohen & Steers, Inc.

infoCohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund is a small cap stock with a total market cap of 1.51B.

infoThey trade on the NYSE and had their IPO 21 years and 5 months ago.

infoCohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund currently employs 0 people.

infoAs of Wednesday, Aug 23 2023, Cohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund’s share price is $11.23.

News Relating to Cohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund
Seeking Alpha
My Bullish REIT Thesis And Catalysts That Could Take Us To New ATHs

Monday Aug 14 2023 at 23:12

I hold a significant allocation towards quality REITs. In this article, I share my bullish thesis for investing in the sector. I also highlight catalysts that could take quality REITs to new all-time highs in as little as 12 months.

Seeking Alpha
RQI: A Solid REIT Funds For The Long-Term

Tuesday Aug 01 2023 at 13:08

The Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund is a closed-end fund that primarily invests in REITs. The RQI portfolio comprises premium blue-chip REITs that have proven their worth over time. This is a solid fund, and despite my concerns around housing, I do think REITs make for an attractive allocation broadly barring a prolonged economic crisis.

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Bargain Alert: I Am Buying The Dip In REITs

Tuesday Jul 25 2023 at 07:35

REITs are primed for a recovery. Today, we look at my favorite fund for when the sector as a whole is expected to climb. Great income for today, amazing total returns for tomorrow.

Seeking Alpha
RQI: Securing Safe 8% Yield And Elevating Exposure To Interest Rate Declines

Tuesday Jul 18 2023 at 02:46

The Cohen & Steers Quality Income Realty Fund aims to provide attractive income streams and potential for capital appreciation through investments in U.S. equity REIT common stocks and preferred shares. RQI is permitted to invest in non-REIT sectors if they offer greater income and price appreciation potential; currently, about 12% of its portfolio is in corporate bonds, primarily from banking and insurance companies. RQI’s 8% yield is backed by resilient investments, which in most cases carry investment-grade balance sheets and are structurally protected from the looming office meltdown.

Seeking Alpha
Land REITs: Disinflation Headwinds

Wednesday Jul 12 2023 at 10:00

One of the hottest “inflation hedges” during the pandemic, land REITs have fallen out-of-favor as rising rates and normalizing supply chains have created disinflationary – and even deflationary – headwinds for commodities. While services sector inflation remains sticky, goods-related inflation has fallen dramatically over the past nine months, with some inflation reports now showing goods deflation levels typically seen only in recessions.

The Motley Fool
You Don’t Have to Pick a Winner In REITs. Here’s Why.

Saturday Jul 01 2023 at 07:09

Real estate investment trusts are high-yielding property owners that are a good option for income investors. The Vanguard Real Estate Index ETF is a diversified way to quickly gain exposure to the sector.

Seeking Alpha
Earn +8% From The Highest Quality REITs: RQI

Wednesday Jun 21 2023 at 07:35

Being a landowner is a historical form of wealth generation. Managing many properties can be a lot of hard work. We present a solution to get income through real estate without all of that effort.

Seeking Alpha
REITs: Ever Changing, Ever Valuable

Thursday Jun 08 2023 at 14:20

In recent years, specialized technology-adjacent property types such as towers, data centers and industrial have gained prominence in the real estate market due to changes in consumer behavior, technological advancements, and their critical role in supporting the modern economy. The REIT universe looks much different today, appropriately reflecting the changes that are happening all around us. REITs are not just constrained to malls and offices; quite the contrary, the REIT sector is a dynamic one, with exposure to both secular growth dynamics and sources of bulwark stability.

Seeking Alpha
Data Center REITs: Physical Epicenter Of AI

Thursday Jun 08 2023 at 10:00

Among the top-performing property sectors this year, the Data Center REIT rebound has been fueled by reports of “booming” demand for artificial intelligence (“AI”) focused data center chips. Even before the Nvidia report, Data Center REITs were on the upswing in early 2023 after an impressive slate of earnings results showed improved pricing power and record-high occupancy rates. Ironically, this AI-wave comes just as Data Center REITs became a trendy “short” idea centered on a thesis of weak pricing power and competition from the “hyperscalers” – Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Seeking Alpha
Important Warning For REIT Investors

Monday May 29 2023 at 08:05

A lot of investors appear to think that REITs will drop lower. They believe that their valuations aren’t low enough. Do they have a point? We take a closer look and issue a warning to those REIT investors who are trying to time the market.

Seeking Alpha
Real Estate Passive Income: Forget RQI, Buy These High Yielders Instead

Monday May 29 2023 at 08:00

RQI is a wildly popular high-yield REIT fund. However, we believe that investors are setting themselves up for long-term disappointment with this fund. Instead, we share some high-yielding real estate alternatives that we think will provide much better returns for passive income investors.

Seeking Alpha
RQI And RFI: 2 REIT Funds Worth Considering

Monday May 22 2023 at 00:24

Both funds have produced attractive results over the long term, but it can come down to one’s risk tolerance. RQI and RFI are quite similar, but RFI can be seen as more attractive more recently due to not implementing leverage.

Seeking Alpha
Alert: REITs Have Tumbled, 2 Great Opportunities

Saturday Apr 29 2023 at 13:00

Rising interest rates and inflation have left the share prices of REITs quite battered. With the Fed slowing on rate hikes, and peak interest rates likely behind us, this will be a big tailwind for Property REITs.

Seeking Alpha
RQI: Patience Required For This ‘Swing For The Fences’ Fund

Saturday Apr 22 2023 at 02:59

RQI: Patience Required For This ‘Swing For The Fences’ Fund.

Seeking Alpha
RQI: Rising Rates And Lack Of Diversity Make This Fund A Sell

Tuesday Apr 18 2023 at 06:22

RQI: Rising Rates And Lack Of Diversity Make This Fund A Sell

Seeking Alpha
Mall REITs: Only The Strong Shall Survive

Wednesday Apr 12 2023 at 10:00

With recent distress across office markets seizing the headlines, Mall REITs are no longer the “Problem Child” of the REIT sector, particularly after weaker players and lower-tier malls closed shop. Following three years of rental rate and occupancy declines, the supply-demand dynamic has recently favored retail landlords, rewarding many retail REITs with some long-elusive pricing power.

Seeking Alpha
My Income Portfolio – Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

Monday Apr 03 2023 at 11:59

The world seeks complexity, but simplicity often trumps complexity. For my investment goals, I have made the choice to focus mainly on CEFs and ETFs, carefully weighing their merits and drawbacks.

Seeking Alpha
Wild Quarter Ends With Optimism

Sunday Apr 02 2023 at 09:00

U.S. equity markets concluded a wild first-quarter with their best week of 2023 as easing contagion concerns and further evidence of cooling price pressures lifted markets to a third-straight weekly gain. Pushing its gains to 7.5% for the quarter, the S&P 500 posted its best week since last November with gains of 3.4%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 climbed into “bull market”.

Seeking Alpha
Cell Tower REITs: 5G’s Killer App

Wednesday Mar 29 2023 at 10:00

Cell Tower REITs have been one of the weakest-performing property sectors since early 2022, an uncharacteristic stretch of poor performance following a half-decade of industry-leading returns. Concern over the long-term competitive positioning of land-based cellular networks in the ever-evolving telecommunications industry has been amplified by the accelerated rollout of satellite-based networks offering some mobile connectivity.

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2 Great Dividends To Retire In Safety And Splendor

Tuesday Mar 28 2023 at 14:00

The market is creating panic, or is the panic driving the market? I learned a valuable lesson when I was younger that I want to share with you today.

Seeking Alpha
5 Best CEFs To Buy This Month (March 2023)

Saturday Mar 25 2023 at 09:30

For income investors, closed-end funds remain an attractive investment class that covers a variety of asset classes and promises high distributions and reasonable total returns. Closed-end funds are generally characterized by higher volatility and deeper drawdowns than the broader market. For these reasons, they are not suited for everyone.

Seeking Alpha
Net Lease REITs: Avoiding The Winner’s Curse

Wednesday Mar 22 2023 at 11:00

Net Lease REITs – historically one of the most “rate-sensitive” property sectors – have surprisingly been the best-performing major property sector since early 2021 despite the significant rise in interest rates. Private market values have remained far “stickier” than comparable public market assets. Increases in these REITs’ cost of capital has far-outpaced cap rate increases, resulting in record-low investment spreads.

Seeking Alpha
RQI: A Solid REIT Fund At A Discount

Sunday Mar 19 2023 at 04:54

With a new annual report, it’s time to take an updated look at RQI. The last year has been rough on REITs, and RQI couldn’t escape that downward pressure.

Seeking Alpha
This Time Is Different

Tuesday Mar 14 2023 at 09:00

Amid intensifying concerns over the potential fallout from several major tech-focused bank failures, this report examines high-level REIT fundamentals to chart the likely path forward for the real estate industry. Real estate equities have been slammed particularly hard as investors draw parallels to the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis when locked-up credit markets created a cascade of distress.

Seeking Alpha
RNP And RQI: 2 Dirt Cheap High-Yielding Cohen & Steers CEFs

Sunday Mar 12 2023 at 08:00

As readers know, we have been covering ETF alternatives for income investors. In a recent article, a reader requested an article on closed end funds.

Seeking Alpha
The Near-Perfect Portfolio: Sleep Well During Turbulent Times

Saturday Mar 11 2023 at 09:00

The stock market is inherently volatile. With the economy going through the boom and bust cycles more frequently, the extreme ups and downs of the market are inevitable. For most conservative investors, especially retirees, it’s very difficult to tolerate large and deep drawdowns. However, it is almost impossible to avoid these issues with index investing.

Seeking Alpha
RQI: A Plump 7.6% Yield, Paid Monthly

Sunday Mar 05 2023 at 00:57

RQI is paying out a 7.6% yield from its portfolio of REITs, preferred shares, and corporate bonds. The CEF has never used return of capital for any monthly distribution since its 2004 IPO.

Seeking Alpha
My Income Portfolio: A Stairway To Heaven

Thursday Mar 02 2023 at 16:49

As in Led Zeppelin’s famous song, for me, investments in high-dividend securities represent a kind of stairway to heaven. Indeed, their steady flow of money relieves psychological pressure during times of market uncertainty and helps me experience them with greater peace of mind.

Seeking Alpha
5 Best CEFs To Buy This Month (February 2023)

Saturday Feb 18 2023 at 09:30

For income investors, closed-end funds remain an attractive investment class that covers a variety of asset classes and promises high distributions and reasonable total returns. Closed-end funds are generally characterized by higher volatility and deeper drawdowns than the broad market. For these reasons, they are not suited for everyone.

Seeking Alpha
Determining The Viability Of A REIT’s Business Model

Monday Feb 13 2023 at 23:39

Certain businesses are better than others at a strategic level. A good underlying strategy is essential to long-term profitability.

Cohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund Bankruptcy Risk

The Altman Z-score is a formula that measures a company’s financial health and bankruptcy risk. It assigns a numerical score based on various financial ratios. The Z-score is divided into different zones. If the Z-score is above 2.99, it indicates a lower bankruptcy risk, classifying the company as ‘safe’ or ‘non-distressed’. If the score falls below 1.81, it suggests a higher risk, indicating potential financial distress or bankruptcy. The range between 1.81 and 2.99 is called the ‘gray zone’ or zone of ambiguity.

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Cohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund’s Altman Z-score is 1.41 which is in the distress zone. This indicates a higher risk of financial distress and potential bankruptcy for the company. It can serve as a warning sign of significant financial challenges, requiring careful consideration by potential investors.

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Cohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund Insider Trading

Insider trading is when individuals employed by a company buy or sell its securities following legal procedures and regulations. Company executives, directors, and employees may be permitted to buy or sell shares if they follow specific rules, such as filing a Form 4 with the SEC within two business days.

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Over the last 3 months, there has been no insider trading in Cohen & Steers Quality ome Realty Fund.

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